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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Catching Song With Bobby McFerrin

A wonderful interview with Bobby McFerrin on his childhood, his faith, his musical philosophy--all as a precursor to his upcoming album, Spirityouall.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Man at the Counter

The Man at the Counter from Brian McAllister on Vimeo.

A story about life, love, and sugar packets.

Starring: Ian Hyland, Bill McHugh and Tom Everett Scott

Director: Brian McAllister
Screenplay by: Rebecca Sue Haber
Producer: Robert Cammisa
Director of Photography: Dennis Donovan
Music: Jarkko Hietanen
Executive Producer: Jim Mayzik

All tips from the "Tip Jar" go towards completing our next short film, Patti and Me, Minus Patti. Thank you!

An account of the first days of shooting this film, illustrated with production stills, is available at:

Festival Screenings:
2011 New Hampshire Film Festival
2011 Anchorage Int'l Film Festival (Honorable Mention)
2012 Dam Short Film Festival
2012 Skagway Winter Weekend Film Festival
2012 Omaha Film Festival
2012 Charlotte Film Festival
2012 Garden State Film Festival
2012 Phoenix Film Festival
2012 Rincon Int'l Film Festival
2012 Crossroads Film Festival
2012 West Chester Film Festival
2012 Siouxland Film Festival (Audience Award)
2012 Lighthouse International Film Festival
2012 Rainier Independent Film Festival
2012 Waterfront Film Festival
2012 Feel Good Film Festival
2012 Woods Hole Film Festival (Runner Up, Jury Prize)
2012 HollyShorts Film Festival
2012 DC Shorts Film Festival
2012 Rome International Film Festival
2012 Chesapeake Film Festival
2012 Williamstown Film Festival
2012 Rockport Film Festival
2012 Landlocked Film Festival
2012 Feast for the Eyes Food & Wine Film Festival - Minneapolis
2012 Mill Valley Film Festival
2013 Julien Dubuque Int'l Film Festival - - - -

© 2011 Note to Self Films

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ursus (charcoal animation)

URSUS from Atom Art on Vimeo.

A charcoal on paper animation about a motorcycling circus bear who decides to leave the daily routine and takes off to the forest where his true happiness seems to dwell.
International Festival Premier at Clermont-Ferrand 34th Int'l Short Film Festival, France, 2012
Selected at 70+ film festivals
The Best Debut Film of the year at National Film Festival “Lielais Kristaps”, Latvia, 2012
Special International Jury Prize at the 14th International Animation Festival in Hiroshima, Japan, 2012
The Best First Film Zlatko Grgić Award at Animafest Zagreb, Croatia, 2012
The Best Short Film Award at Fredrikstad Animation Festival, Norway, 2012
The Best Short Animation Film at Ozu Film Festival, Italy, 2012
The Best Animation Award in 14th Patras International Panorama Film Festival, Patra, Greece, 2012
FIPRESCI International Film Critics Award at National Film Festival “Lielais Kristaps”, Latvia, 2012
Jury’s Special Mention I at Animation Film Festival Animated Dreams, Estonia, 2012
Directed, Script & Art: Reinis Pētersons
Produced by Atom Art

Creative Producer: Edmunds Jansons
Producer: Sabīne Andersone

Monday, August 20, 2012

Once There Was a King

Once There Was a King from Tytus Majerski on Vimeo.

Stop-motion mixed with CG, short film based on a polish lullaby written by Janina Porazińska. Author of original music unknown. Performed by Maria Peszek.

A home made project, which I graduated with at my film school in Poland.
It combines cut out animation and 3d set-ups.

Lyrics, translated by Magda Bryll:

Once in a time,there lived a king
A princess and page together
They knew no tears, they knew no fears
They knew no stormy weather

The king loved her so, the page loved her so
They loved her each their way
She loved them both with all her heart
And more with every day

But fate was cruel, and their demise
A most uncanny slaughter
A dog ate the king, a cat ate the page
A mouse ate the princess-daughter

Yet you should not fret, my darling child
You should neither mourn nor cry
The king was sweet cane, the page: gingerbread
The princess was marzipan pie...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chasing The Storm

Chasing the storm from Nathan Kaso on Vimeo.

A short time-lapse film shot around the Plenty Valley and Yarra Valley in Melbourne's outer east.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Canon 17-40mm f/4L
Canon 24-105mm f/4L

'Fleur De Lune' by LZN02

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Embrace (dance film)

EMBRACE from Ashley Rae Pearsall on Vimeo.

Embrace (2012) is a 2D motion graphics work that combines live action video of a dance performance with graphic effects to demonstrate an artist’s journey towards creative ecstasy. By using a visually rich multi-planar space in tandem with three distinct color palettes, Pearsall reveals the difficult and time-consuming creative struggles that are a necessary component of the artistic process.

A film by Ashley Rae Pearsall

Performed by Megan E. Martinez
Additional Cinematography by John Mattiuzzi
Additional Editing by Stephanie Andreou
Music by Valtteri Kujala